Saturday, May 10, 2008

Construction, Part 12

Be sure to check out Parts 10 and 11 below, too!!

Here are the most recent photos of our new bathroom! It is pretty much done except for a few minor details that need to be fixed/adjusted. Everything turned out really nice and it is probably our favorite part of the entire addition.

Our new shower, which will now help make Monday mornings tolerable.

And finally, the completed whirlpool bathtub which fits nearly perfectly below the window.

Construction, Part 11

This first picture shows the walkway leading to the house before any concrete had been poured. We thought about leaving it with just dirt and maybe throwing out a few tumbleweeds to give it that rustic cabin feel, but in the end decided that wouldn't be a good idea.

As you can (hopefully) see, we have a row of stone every 8-10 feet to break up the sea of gray concrete. We also put in some square cut-outs in each slab of concrete that have underground sprinklers running. The idea is to put some small greenery of some sort in there to also add some color and break up the long gray walkway. I'm voting for Hot Dog Trees but that probably won't happen.

Back on the patio side, we have a small set of steps leading to . . . well nowhere really but maybe someday we'll continue with a path that leads around the perimeter of the property. At the end of the steps, we're putting a small landing and if nothing else it will be a nice spot to sit?

Construction, Part 10

The following were taken as progress was being made on our new patio. We used a natural stone set in a concrete base. The concrete is poured and then the stones are immediately laid into the concrete. Later, a "grout" is placed in the spaces between the rocks to give it a more uniform and level look.

As I mentioned before, I'm looking forward to the first night next to the firepit. Maybe I'll create my next blog entry next to the fire. OK, maybe not, but it sounds good.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Construction, Part 9

Here are the most recent photos, taken today (3/18). The lighting is a little dark but hopefully you can get an idea of the colors we've chosen. The entry-way to the addition and outside is a tan color ("Sandcastle"), which will match the walls in the kitchen/pantry area. In the bathroom, we selected a soft green to go with the accent tile that will line the shower and bathtub. I had a hard time getting a good well-lit pic in the bathroom since the window is still covered but you can take my word about the color. We're probably most excited about the bathroom and how that will look when it's finished. Stay tuned!

The bedroom is a shade of blue that we think will look nice with the hardwood floors and new bedroom set we have (collecting dust in the garage right now). I got "creative control" (w/ approval by Maura, of course :) so blue was my first choice and Maura actually liked my #1 pick so everybody was happy.

The final pic shows what the patio looks like at this moment in time. Last week, our "crew" tore up the old concrete around the house and will start building the footings to pour concrete for the new patio. The patio will be a natural stone and will be a dramatic improvement to the quality and beauty of outdoor living. We'll also be installing a gas fire-pit . . . hmmm . . . guess where we'll be most summer nights?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Construction, Part 8

The following pictures were taken about two weeks ago. As you can see, the drywall is installed and the first stucco layer has been applied. Currently, the bathroom, closet, bedroom, and entryway have all been painted (pictures coming soon!). We also have a second layer being applied to the outside to give it a smoother look and match the existing house as closely as possible. At some point in the future we are going to repaint the entire house but first things first.

The other big "milestone" in our construction was knocking out the window/wall to create some extra space in the kitchen. The pictures show the area shortly after the sledgehammer party and right now it too has been painted and looks very nice. We will probably put some sliding doors across the opening and get some type of shelving system in place to hold microwave, appliances, food, etc. The extra storage space will be a nice upgrade and
give us a chance to show off more of our granite countertops, which normally are covered with all the ingredients of Maura and Jane's latest delicacy. Not that I'm complaining :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Construction, Part 7 (Also see Part 6 below)

Here are some pictures from early February shot from the interior. In case you were wondering, yes!, those are double-paned, shatter-proof, tempered glass windows! There are also codes related to the windows and since they are larger, full-length windows they have to be of a certain quality and strength. Snipers beware. I've also included at the end my favorite view: looking out from the bathroom window.

Construction, Part 6

Here our some of our recent photos. These pictures were taken between early January and early February. Several days of rain and waiting for the custom-sized windows to arrive slowed things down for awhile but I'm happy to say that things are progressing along rather quickly now. As you can see below, the windows arrived and were installed.

The rain also played havoc on finishing the roof, which further delayed getting the electrical wiring completed. Once the roof was finished, the wiring could begin. Once the wiring was completed, the windows could be installed and inspected. There is a dizzying order of how things must be finished, inspected, finished, inspected, etc. It all makes sense but is pretty boring to explain and I'm not sure I could remember all the details anyway. So, let's just say between the rain, the roof, the wiring, the inspections, and the windows, things slowed to a crawl but have sped up recently and we're closer. Maybe that's the key word: closer!

The wood doors that you see also took extra time as they are custom-built. We are very happy with how they turned out though. It's a nice finish and improves the overall look of the addition.